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Airintribal is a brand of handcrafted accessories, completely handmade that blends ancient
traditional African art with a forwards looking aesthetic

Who we are

Our accessories are handcrafted completely handmade which blends the ancient traditional African art with a forward-looking aesthetic. A perfect cocktail between inspirations and references to the past and an absolutely contemporary and design glamour.

Ideas, creativity and style, an African brand with italian fusion. A brand with strong roots of past, present and future elaborated with passion by skilled artisans. Handmade with trendy, traditional tailoring, beautiful, comfortable, pleasant to wear. Our garments are of high quality, and they enlighten your mood when you wear them. All our collections are LIMITED EDITION.

Empowering Women

Women are the center of all our efforts Successful Women build a community Women are not able to carter for themselves because of motherhood duties. It is hard to make the two activities run together smoothly. For this reason women collaborating with our brand can work remotely. We give women the flexibility they need to pursue their work and raise a family at the same time. However, for women, the ability to work from home runs much deeper than a reduced commute time and increased productivity. Remote work is a chance to close the infamous gender gap..

In this family structure, it is usually the responsibility of the women to care for the family and provide all necessities, such as food, shelter and clothing. An empowered woman would be able to meet the needs of her family more efficiently and effectively. An independent woman has more chances to escape domestic violence.

Women are the centre of all our efforts

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We organize unforgettable tours to Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar and Uganda Eco Tourism: means responsible travel to natural areas conserving the environment and improving the well-being of the local people

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Our target market includes: students, corporates, and local and international tourists.
Guests will be actively involved in our conservation efforts through educational sessions and
a reforestation project.