Solidarity projects

Airintribal for Mediafriends  Onlus

Solidarity Projects

We designed a Christmas tree themed  Savana “Christmas in Africa”
The Christmas free designed by Airintribal was purchased by Walter Nudo @ 3000 euros.
The entire amount was donated to Mediafriends.During the charity, 32,550 euros were raised. The amount raised is intended to support the projects selected this year by Fabbrica del Sorriso, dedicated to the needs of children: Mission Bambini Onlus Foundation which offers support to families and mothers who are unable to pay the tuition fee in various Italian cities. kindergarten and nursery for their children. The second project is entitled A Regola d’Arte, created and promoted directly by Mediafriends in partnership with AS Rugby Milano, Song Onlus, Ciai Onlus, ActionAid and OttavaNota, and aims to promote the integration and social growth of young people who live in deprived neighborhoods of cities through sports, rugby in this case, and music. Beneficiaries are also the Community of Sant’Egidio which, with humanitarian guarantees, in a safe and legal way, the entry into Italy of children and minors fleeing the war. Finally, the activity of Amref Health Africa Onlus, which operates in the slums of Nairobi, is supported by the same project

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Discover Africa With Airintribal

Discover Africa With Airintribal

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